Who to Notify

Canada Revenue Agency

Information on the final tax return, cancelling tax installments, the GST/HST Credit and the Canada Child Tax Credit.


Old Age Security Pension and/or Canada Pension Plan

When a pensioner or beneficiary dies, their benefits must be cancelled.


National Defence

Information for serving and former Canadian Forces personnel and their families.


Social Insurance Number (SIN)

Reduce the possibility of someone else using the deceased individual’s Social Insurance Number.


Health Care Insurance


Driver Licensing


Land Titles



– if still working


Company Pension Plan


Banks, credit unions


Credit Card companies


Insurance companies


Health Benefits






Identity Theft

Identity thieves are increasingly targeting deceased people, with millions of them applying for credit cards each year. Sometimes this happens by the thief making up a name or guessing a SIN number,  but many are intentional.

Guard the death certificate as you would a birth certificate or other piece of identity.  Only send it to organizations or institutions you trust who wont consider them deceased without it.

Keep obituaries short. Honor the person, but dont give away all of their information. (mother’s maiden name, address, ancestry, occupation, birth date, death date)

Notify Credit Bureaus and Financial Institutions immediately. Its usually best to appoint one trusted person to do the notifying and to close accounts. Generally this is someone other than the person who organizes all of the other events that surround the death of the loved one.