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Submit Your Story - Shattered Hearts

We have all felt the pain of losing a loved one. You wouldn’t be here if you haven’t. Since the deaths of my brothers I’ve had many people tell me their tragedies and I can’t explain why but its helped me with my grieving. Hearing and knowing what they’ve been through and seeing how they are after has given me some hope and direction for my own healing.

Telling Your Story is a part of life, a useful way for the grieving person to cope with loss. Each person has a unique story, unlike any other. It may help you to find meaning in the loss and put pieces of a shattered life back together.

We are a society that in general denies grief, avoids the emotion whenever possible, and expects those grieving to quickly deal with it and get over the loss. Writing or listening to stories of loss is difficult and it requires you to slow down and be with the painful emotions. We are unsure what to say, how to act, what to do. I know its not easy, but people often don’t recognize the benefit of telling or listening to the story. Each time you tell it, the reality of your loss becomes more undeniable and more real.

I hope that the stories here will be inspiring and informative, and not more depressing to the readers. It should be more about the survivor and less about the deceased. How to cope and how to continue with life after a tremendous loss.

Please write to and your story will be posted just as you wrote it. If you would like it to be posted anonymously, please be sure to include that.

Thank you!